About Glorybug

I’m just a sinner saved by Grace,

An ordinary person in an ordinary place.

I’m a retired teacher (sort of; I still teach a few night classes), a wife, mom, grandmom, sister, daughter, neighbor, and friend. I try to be clever, intelligent, funny, friendly; and I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I live a life permeated with joy and peace and happiness and punctuated with fantastic people.

I like to read, write, scrapbook, cook, and praise my Lord God. I try to be a good steward of what we have and discover new ways to do things. I chastise myself every so often. You might see all these come out in the blog.

Most of what you read here is true. I’m using this blog to record my ideas and observations, to vent, and to record ideas for future stories. I love to write, and this is a handy place to keep story ideas and details.

And my name? Well, “glory” is what I do and who I am in God’s sight. But I’m just a little thing, almost unnoticed in the world: bug.

This blog is dedicated to bits of my life journey and how I grow and stretch and develop more into God’s image.

To God be the glory!


Published on January 10, 2009 at 4:13 am  Comments (7)  

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  1. I just read the “Encouraging Sister’s” mail and it directed me to your thoughts on being “ordinary”. I am amazed with you! I LOVE your article on being ordinary, with God added to the equation causes us to be “extraordinary”. You are a wonderful writer, I should not be surprised… you are writing from your heart. I clicked on your blog and I love it… I will be keeping up with it from now on. Keep on keeping on!
    love to you, Sharon

  2. I really enjoyed reading your writings. You have a gift from God, please keep using!

  3. Wow – this is grrrrrrrreat! I’ll look forward to reading your blog often. Will set as one of favorites. Can I have it sent to my e-mail or do I just need to log on to the blog from time to time?

  4. Diana, I love your blog today, I can “so” relate to your feelings and words! When we first move “here” to the Troy area, it felt like another world to me. Having grown up on the West side of Missouri, even the peoples accent was new to me. Also, no friends, and having been “welcomed” by our new neighbor (next door) with a warning “not to touch one blade of grass on our property or we will sue”, thus started my life in the “Eastern” part of Missouri. I could write a book since then (ten years ago) but one thing is for sure, women…need special deep bonds with other like-minded women. I am going to join Peanuts book club next month and our book is on this VERY subject. This is how the Lord created us, we cannot help it! šŸ™‚ I love it that you have compared your bountiul Iowa garden to what will happen to you in your life now, it is true…it may be His way to symbolize to you, the abundance and blessing and continued “glory” He is creating through you. One phrase that helped me ten years ago (Bloom Where You Are Planted), I reluctantly started planting seeds, but you know what, now I love it here, and my faith has grown like a weed! and I have had many blessings from my move, and one of those is you. So keep on keepin’ on, and we will keep on keepin’ in touch! xxoo Sharon

  5. visited your blog here for the first time. God has made you with a talent not everbody can have. I was looking for a note from your Mom as she had called about her welcome home gift. she was so touched about it all. What a blessing for an older person to have such thoughtful daughters. Will vist here another time. For now Hats off to you three sisters for making and helping her feel so special. A. Eileen

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  7. Diana,
    I love your blog! Your funny!
    Christina VanNess

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