We are in our new home….

Just thinking……

We have been in our new home now for two weeks as of today. I am somewhat homesick for our old place and community and church. But I keep telling myself that God has been in control of this entire move; He has never let us down, and He always has the best plans laid out for us. Strange…… it’s not that I really am doubting God, but I sometimes dwell on what I had versus where I am now. Am I like the Hebrew people longing for cucumbers of Egypt?

Last night, I dreamed that we went back to our old home. The new owners were having a party and invited us in. The place was unrecognizable. I could not find my beautiful kitchen and the entry was all different. We stayed at the party for a while, and then left. In a way, this was a liberating dream, letting me let go a little.

Although I miss my wonderful custom designed home, I miss the people even more. We had such wonderful relationships with so many co-workers, neighbors, and church members. We knew so many, and so many knew us. We could count on people being there for us. Now we know no one except for family. It’s weird to walk into store and not recognize a soul. We have to completely start over establishing our reputation as being honest law-abiding citizens, and set up a web of trusted contacts. It will take time……
Meanwhile I cherish the emails and phone calls from old friends, and the letter from a friend that was waiting for us in the mailbox when we arrived. Our former pastor came to see us, and prayed for us as we settled into our new home.

Church is an important part of our lives, but we are finding it a difficult decision about where to worship. We are used to larger churches (although size really doesn’t matter). But it seems so odd to be in a city that is 5 times larger than the one we left, and yet hardly anyone goes to church. The churches are small, maybe 25 in attendance??, and the one we tried was rather cold. We went there for Ss, Church, a special occasion, and Wednesday night. One person spoke to us. The Sunday School class for adults was a lecture for anyone between 18 and death, whereas, we were used to a small groups who shared and prayed and studied the Word. We are used to vitality in our worship, and here it seems one heartbeat from death. We were used to people being very excited about going to church, and there doesn’t seem to be excitement here, but rather a ho-humed-ness. So our prayer is: where does God want us to worship and serve? I have no doubt that He WANTS us to worship and serve; we just don’t know where.

The weather is colder up here, the prices are higher, and the house was not clean when we moved in. Gripe gripe gripe…..

On the plus side (and yes, there is a plus side), we are near family, and the grandkids have been here helping us put books and toys away. I also landed a job teaching two classes for the local college, so that is a plus, and it is two classes that I really enjoy. We have a lovely home with so much space and nicely decorated. So God has been good to us, and has provided so much.

The unpacking has been going slowly, and we are not finding things that we are sure we owned! Plus we are finding things that we have no memory of owning, or things that make us wonder why we ever thought we had to own them. It’s been, well, uh….. slow…….

But this is where we are. Father, point us in the right direction. Guard our paths and direct our days. Amen.

To God be the Glory…..

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