My Favorite Room

Just Thinking.

I am sitting in my favorite room in my home. Actually, I am sort of cheating; this L shaped space encompasses three areas: kitchen, dining, and family. But it’s all one open room, and I will count it as just one!! It is large and light and airy. So large, in fact, that we once had almost 30 people at a sit-down brunch!

Let me describe it for you, and see if you agree with my adjectives for this room: homey, cozy, comforting, welcoming. The walls are a soft Tuscany sun-drenched yellow, except for the accent wall which is a deep rust color. The floor of the family room section is a brown tweed carpet, and the dining and kitchen floors are beige and brown ceramic tile.

I am in my easy chair with my feet propped up on the ottoman. It matches the recliner that the Hubs is in. All three pieces are upholstered in a deep burgundy/rust/brownish tweed. Immediately to my left is a small end table with a pottery based lamp, and a couple of display shelves containing small pieces of art pottery. The Hub’s chair is on the other side of this table. Behind us is a wall of books, forming a colorful crazy-quilt tapestry that reflects our multiple and eclectic reading habits: Bibles and commentaries, how-to books, biographies, scientific, literary, history, childrens, novels, poetry, medical, and more. I only half joke when I say that these are some of my best friends. Atop the shelves is Hub’s collection of large tunnel-rocks from our Missouri home. He found them and dug them up out of our woods. They are large limestone rocks where water over the centuries have worn tunnels throught them. They look like large white abstract sculptures. A small profile Tiffany style floor lamp is in the corner, throwing light on the Hub’s chair for reading.

The wall to my left is a window wall. There is a triple window that looks out onto the deck. Right now I look through the window and see the very green trees, the red bistro set with raindrops dancing off the table, black wrought iron chairs and a wooden bench. I look farther out into our back yard, with the little barn and the row of evergreens at the rear. There is also a glass patio door on this wall that opens to the sunroom. As I gaze through those doors, I see wicker, a marble topped table, and lots of plants and windows. A large art-piece hangs between the triple window and the the patio doors: pressed copper that is matted and framed. The windows are framed with drapes that pick up on the rust/burgundy, tuscany yellow of the rest of the room. A mission styled couch with brown leather cushions is under the wall art. A small table is beside it, with an antique-gold framed family picture, an antique alarm clock, and a piece of art pottery. The other piece of furniture along this wall is an antique wooden rocker with a burgundy throw across the back.

Looking at the wall in front of me, I see the rust paint that highlights the Mission style armoir housing the TV, and the two matching side cabinets, which hold my linens and family heirloom serving dishes. The tops of the cabinets and armoir hold 9 pieces of art pottery and early American kitchen pottery. A fireplace is also along this wall, between the cabinets and the kitchen. This is the dining area. The fireplace is faced with stone that picks up the dominant colors of the room, and has a stone raised hearth. The mantle holds 5 small art pottery pieces, and an antique basket filled with old children’s blocks is on the hearth. Between the fireplace and the family room cabinet is a small chair with a rush bottom. Some games are on the chair: RummyCube, Dominos, etc.

As I look to my right, I see the dining room table, large enough for a family to gather around, centered under the bronze chandelier. The table cloth picks up the colors from the drapes. Wood and upholstered chairs are tucked around the table. A buffet is against one wall, with a wonderful matted and framed art piece given to us as a farewell gift from our Sunday School class in Missouri. We never can look at it without remembering those wonderful friends who blessed our lives so much. On the buffet are some contempory kitchen pottery pieces. A door along this wall leads to the hall and living room. Another wall in this space is made up of 8 feet of louvered doors. The doors hide a spacious pantry, which hold not only canned goods, but also my cookbook collection and all my pitchers and carafes.

This leaves the kitchen which is the short section of the L. We recently gutted and redid the kitchen and it is my joy. The cabinets are a Mission style, and the backsplash/wall is tiled. The countertops are a faux granite that fools many people. We put in a black granite sink and black appliances. A microwave is over the stove and the fridge is a french door/freezer on the bottom style. Art glass pendants hang over the breakfast bar, which separates the kitchen from the family room. Three stools nestle under the bar. I have old gallon glass jars from a restaurant filled with various types of pasta on the countertop, and my tea caddy is also there. A double window over the sink lets me keep an eye on my neighbors!

One other piece of furniture is in the family room. It is a Mission styled glider with gliding ottoman, with brown leather cushions. It is sort of in the middle, but actually helps to divide the family room from the dining area.

The ceiling is white, with can lights and two paddle fans/school house light fixtures. There are also display lights over the mantle that highlight the pottery on the mantle.

Can you see why I love this space? Even a dark rainy spring day like today could not mar the comfort and grace of the room. I have such joy in this room. It is where people gather in our home. They get comfortable in the family room, or gather in the kitchen to cook, or around the dining table to eat and play games. I am so blessed that the Lord led us to this house. It is truly home.

Father, thank You for always meeting our needs and even some of our wants. You provide so generously. We thank You for bringing us to this home that we love to share with our family and friends. Amen

To God be the Glory….

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