Of Hot Tubs and Geese and …..

Just Thinking….

A story of hot tubs and geese and ……

Last summer we installed a hot tub. I had been wanting one for years, but settled for the occasional soak in motel hot tubs while on vacations. It soothed my achy joints and ironed out the kinks in my muscles. But I didn’t think it was affordable for us.

Finally last summer, we got serious about a hot tub. And in June it was delivered and installed. It’s a small tub, only holding two persons. So it’s not a party tub, but I love the intimacy of just The Hubs and me relaxing there by ourselves. The grandkids enjoy it, and they are small enough that all of them plus me can fit. And it’s not a tub with lots of bells and whistles. It has two speeds of jets, and a blue underwater light. That’s it: no strobe lights, bubble makers, or seating for ten.

A cousin enjoyed his tub first thing in the morning, along with a cup of coffee. My favorite time is late afternoon or evening, to relax away the work-aches of the day. I keep a pile of beach towels in the sun room. After changing into my suit and donning a white terry robe and sandals, I grab a couple of towels on the way out. The tub is on the south side of the deck, and I can step from the deck into the tub. But if I am by myself, I enjoy just lifting one side of the cover and slipping in.

Ahhhhhhh……. the 104 temps are the first responders to my tight muscles and aging joints. Then the jet starts massaging. I tend to just lay back and let it do its magic. I like to stare up into the night sky, finding the constellations or watching the wispy clouds in the afternoon sky. I pray and meditate. I make up conversations of things I wished I had said. I compose the beginnings of wonderful stories and poetry.

And that brings me to today. It’s late afternoon; the towels and robe are laying by the tub and I’m leaning back on the built in pillow, and just floating. My eyes are shut, and I’m half asleep, with random thoughts meandering thru my head. It’s been a long day of heavy duty cleaning and laundry, and I was enjoying my bubble jet massage. Suddenly I heard a “SQUAAAAAAKKKK HOOOOOONNNNNK”, and jumped. A long uneven V-formation of geese is flying over.

“Oh please,” I whispered, “don’t diddle on me.” I had a horror picture of having to drain the hot tub, in January, cleaning the goose doo out, refilling the tub…. I could envision the ice patches where the water drained. But the geese passed with no problem, and I settled back into my steaming tub and closed my eyes.

Then I felt it: a wet cold splat hit my lip.

A lone straggling goose must have let one go! I jerked up, wiped my lip and opened my eyes. To my relief, no goose was in sight, and nothing was on my finger. But what I did see surprised me: snow. The sky had been gray, but I didn’t anticipate snow.

There was something very relaxing in sitting in a steaming hot tub during a snow storm. Something very ying-yang about the stinging pellets of snow mixed with the wet gloppy flakes hitting my face, while the rest of me was safely underwater. I am not a fan of snow; if you have read previous posts, you are aware of my antipathy and snow-aversion. But this was different. Sort of a rock-paper-scissors moment: hot tub melts snow….

Friends had told me that the best time to sit in the tub was during a snow storm. They were right. It was wonderful.

Father, I thank You for inventions like hot tubs. I thank You for the opportunity to relax and unwind. I thank You that You provided the means for all this. You are so awesome, Lord! Your world is so awesome! I praise You…..

To God be the Glory…..

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