Mom and the Sewing Machine

Just thinking…..


Mom didn’t sew very much. I never saw her do embroidery, knitting, crochet, tatting, and the like. She did use her treadle machine to patch clothes, but rarely did she sit down and actually construct clothes. Mom had me use the treadle to learn how to sew in straight lines, but most of my sewing knowledge came from my grandma and 4-H.


However, I still remember one time when mom made dresses for us girls and a shirt for my brother out of matching material. The material was  bluish green with a pattern of happy little stoplights scattered over it. Mom did a great job sewing all of those and we looked pretty good.  (Note:  I no longer have any of this fabric.  This picture is only an approximation of the original fabric.  The background would have more green in it.  But it gives an idea…..)

Then we wore our matchy-matchy outfits to church. Someone at the church had found the same material, purchased bolts of it, and made curtains for the stage of the church. They were long…. probably 10 foot…. and were stretched on a wire that ran from one side of the church to the other. The idea was to have the curtain there in case we did some plays.

The problem became very evident. Four children in  bluish green material with scattered happy stoplights…. standing in front of a curtain of  bluish green material with scattered happy stoplights….. meant that the audience only saw us as chubby faces and spindly arms and stick like legs.

Really…. I wish I had a picture.

Father, thank You for the good memories.  Thank You for a mother who took time to sew for us.  Thank You for her willing hands.  Amen.

To God be the Glory,


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