Insomnia Club Is In Session. All Rise!!!!!

Just Thinking….


It’s 6:18 AM, light enough outside now that I can see the leaves on the trees. This was not so at 5:18 AM, nor at 4:18 AM, nor at….. you get the idea.


Yep. Insomnia strikes again. And last night made 4 nights in a row. A girl has got to get her sleep, and it’s not just for beauty! Insomnia makes me bleary eyed, slumped, and dismal. But it also makes me slow thinking and grumpy. Not a pretty picture…..


I’ve tried various measures: the warm milk (yuck) or cheese for tryptophan. Read that turkey is a good source of tryptophan. Note to self: get some turkey…. Massage. Warm bath. Soothing music. Night before last I sat in the hot tub, searching the skies for a Perseid meteor. Took a supplement called CLA. Took melatoin. Took potassium. Each of these items works…. for a very short time. And then PING!! I’m awake again. And don’t even mention counting sheep. Whose bright idea was that? Maybe turkey and cheese while sitting in the tub? Bad idea….


A cramp hits my big toe; I’m awake. Nature calls; I’m awake. Weird dream; I’m awake. The Hubs snores, yawns, rolls over, breathes; I’m awake. A car light filters through the blinds; I’m awake. I get hot; I’m awake. I start thinking or remembering or pondering; I’m awake. I feel hungry; turkey and cheese anyone?


Then it’s what to do. Do I just force myself to lay and not move a muscle? Do I try to find a more comfy position? Do I get up and have more cheese? Do I adjust the thermostat? Turn on the fan? Turn off the fan? Pray?


So what I do… finally…. is get up. I read, play a game, lean back in my recliner and try to relax.


Impossible. Thoughts of the past few days begin to twist my gut and make me cry. All of the “what-if” scenarios go crashing through my head. My schedule for the day keeps popping up in my mind. Worries are crowding my brain. And it’s all covered with thoughts of “I’ve got to get some sleep.”


Right. That’s why I’m sitting here in the recliner tapping away on my blog…. right? Sheesh…… all these little pictures are keeping me awake…..


The good news is that I am retired and don’t have to be alert for a job and up at the crack of dawn. The bad news is that I will get draggy tired and fall asleep in the middle of the day. I’m like a baby with my nights and days all mixed up. But it’s 7:08 right now, and time to make coffee. Lots of coffee. Strong coffee……


Father! Soothe my troubled mind and spirit. Help me find the refreshing sleep that I so desperately crave. Amen

To God Be The Glory…..


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