A “Me Day”

Just Thinking…..

Every once in a while, I just like to do a “Me Day”.  I know that sounds selfish, and I really try to be a generous person, not a selfish person.  But I do cherish a “Me Day”.  

This is where I take time for me… doing a few things that I want to do…. and coming away refreshed.  I like to think that these kinds of days are needed, and that they are mandatory, not optional, for optimal mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

I had set today aside to help on some family business.  But it turned out that I wasn’t needed for the transactions, so I decided to just use the time to refresh myself.  

So I slept late, had a leisurely breakfast and some wonderful brewed coffee.  Then I went to yoga class and stretched my tight strained muscles into some semblance of relaxation.  


When I came home, I took time to enjoy my flower garden.  We’ve planted a variety of flowers to brighten the house, with color splashing across the bed from early spring until fall.

After that, the Hubs and I went to Lunch In The Park.  This is a wonderful little summer tradition here in our small city.  Central Park is located downtown, with the old sandstone Romanesque courthouse on one side, the Andrew Carnegie domed library on another side, and the stately Federal building on a third side.  Across the street is the beautiful Catholic church and the equally beautiful Methodist church.  The fourth side of the park has a little grandstand or gazebo for live entertainment.  Each Friday in the summer, a different restaurant vendor sets up a tent in the park and sells a lunch for $6.  Today we enjoyed a BBQ cheese burger with all the fixings, sliced tomatoes, pickles, home baked cookies, assorted chips, and assorted drinks.  We sat at a table near the library, and just took our time, enjoying the sights and sounds and tastes.  Beautiful weather for an outside lunch:  77 degrees and a light breeze.

Afterwards, we went into the library.  The library has a section of withdrawn books that it gives away, so the Hubs looked over that area.  I headed for the Christian fiction to find another Lynn Austin book.  The Hubs picked up a free game while there, too.  

On the way home, we stopped at two garage sales.  Didn’t buy a thing, but we enjoyed the hunt!

We had no schedule or timetable.  We had no particular route or goal.  The Hubs and I just meandered through the morning, enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful world around us.  We took time to chat, to gaze at each other, to laugh together.

I’m going to read that book this afternoon and maybe take a nap.  And that’s what I do on a “Me Day.”

Was it a selfish time?  I guess so.  But I also believe that I really need these kinds of days where I can recharge.  Without them, I tend to slump and run out of energy.  And then I’m not much good at helping anybody.  The other day I took time to get a haircut.  Before Dad’s funeral, I took time to get a pedicure.  I got a massage this week.  One day I spent some time “working” in my craft room.  I like to putter around my little tomato garden.  And in the evening, I enjoy soaking in the hot tub.  This is all part of my “Me Time”.  I cherish it!  Tomorrow I will return to our regularly scheduled program.  I’ll be cleaning, and preparing for Sunday, and trying to be there for others.  But for today……

Father, Thank You for these interludes where we can refresh and recharge.  Thank You for an absolutely beautiful day to enjoy.  Just praising Your holy name….  Amen

To God Be The Glory,


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  1. Nothing selfish about enjoying some “me” time. Good for you!

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