Hallelujah! Sing It Again, Sam!

Just Thinking…..

A young friend sent me a link to a video, with a note saying that he thought I would enjoy it. He was right; I enjoyed it. Opera Company of Philadelphia “Hallelujah!” Random Act of Culture

Another friend sent me another link to something similar: “Christmas Food Court Flashmob, Hallelujah Chorus – Must See!”

Both are on YouTube, but I fear that I don’t know how to link!! But do look at them and then keep on reading….

In the first one, about 600 members of the Philadelphia Opera Company gathered at a Macy’s, mingled with the holiday shoppers, and then suddenly burst into the “Hallelujah Chorus”. Shoppers jumped at the sound of someone next to them singing. Folks looked up, straining to see the source. Some whipped out cameras. They nudged each other, pointed out the singers.

And then… they began to join in. Teens stopped in their tracks and began to sing. One woman who was browsing clothing lifted her hands in praise. Those who looked a little down in their luck as well as those looked comfortably rich, young and old, joined the majestic chorus. One father holding his child on his shoulders suddenly began to lift his child in rhythm to the “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” Holiday frowns and furrows gave way to smiles. The transformation was awesome. And it was especially awesome, given the ironic backdrop of materialism. The Messiah came, with no warning, into such a world 2000 years ago.

Oh, there had been signs and prophecies. But those everyday folks who lived on the edge of that Old Testament/New Testament world probably paid little attention. As it was in the dys of Noah, they were living out their everyday lives: watching sheep, paying taxes, keeping up the inn. Then BOOM! Hallelujah!!

Out of seemingly nowhere, the skies opened with a burst of hallelujahs. If I were a shepherd, I would have gasped and fallen on my face. I would have pinched myself to see if I was still living in my skin. I’m sure my jaw would have fallen open, and my breath would have been ragged.

I believe that the Messiah is coming again, and again it will be with no warning: a surprise. I have no idea of how it will work. Will everyone, believers and non, note the Coming? Will it be silent and swift, or filled with powerful sound? If non-believers see it happening, will there be “logical, reasonable” explanation for the disappearance of believers? Will somehow, miraculously, all records of believers ever existing on earth be erased, and no memory of them remain? It doesn’t matter that I don’t know. What matters is that I believe it will happen and that I am prepared.

Take a look at the links (and again I apologize for not knowing how to actually put a link on here….. help?) Then imagine that it is the real Messiah, not just a musical production. Imagine all those folks seeing clearly that the Messiah is real, that He has come. Will they join in with “Hallelujahs” or walk out cursing? Will they explain it away or embrace it?

I loved these videos. And I can only imagine ……. Come, Lord Jesus!

To God be the glory…

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