Lost Day… Blah Day….

Just Thinking....

It’s been one of those days. Woke up sneezing, nose running, chest congestion. So I just went back to sleep. Retirement is good for that.

I teach a couple of classes, just two mornings a week. Today was not one of them. So thankfully, I had the luxury of just piddling when I finally got up. The extra sleep made no difference in my allergies; I was still snuffling around. I looked for allergy pills but couldn’t find any of the non-drowsy kind. And I had to run to the store anyway for milk. So off I went.

Driving is a bit of a challenge when I am sneezing so much. Remember that old adage about dying a little bit everytime you sneeze? Believe me, I was dead…. I had to coach myself to stop on red, go on green, look both ways….. Even so, it’s hard to see everything when sneezing. It’s like living a strobe-light existence.

I sneezed my way into Walmart, grabbed more kleenexes, and found the non-drowsy meds. Found the milk and then found the check out. As soon as I was at the car, I pried open the med box and coaxed out the little white pill. Then I realized I had no water. Ah…… PEANUTS!! I swallowed the pill, and then opened a little sack of peanuts that was in the car, and ate those. While it wasn’t exactly water, the peanuts did convince the pill to go down!

The effect was not immediate. In fact, 2 hours later, I was still sneezing and blowing as much as ever. I really just wanted to go back to bed again. Another 2 hours went by, and the misery was still there. So I took another pill. Now understand: these are supposed to be 24 hour pills. I should be good-to-go for the next 2 days! But right now, I’m still sneezing, still blowing….

I call days like this “Lost Days.” It means I have no energy to accomplish my agenda. I’m goal driven, and have my calendar filled. Yet at the moment, I’ve accomplished only one thing on today’s to-do list: get milk. It’s been a lost day.

Father, this is the day that the Lord has made. I should rejoice and be glad in it. Help me rejoice and find deep down joy, despite my daily circumstances. Help me be glad that meds are out there, that I am still alive, that I at least got a little bit done. And help me understand that sometimes I just have to be slow and still. Amen.

To God be the Glory,

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