I’m Married to an Old Man…

Just Thinking….

I’m married to an old man. The Hubs applied today for Social Security. Not sure I can look at him the same way anymore. heheheh…. Right now he is snoozing in his LazyBoy, just like an old man. He can’t take his teeth out yet, and he can’t put his ears on yet, but he can sure take the naps. See? He’s an old man. I’m gardening and blogging and doing laundry, and paying bills and getting ready to make brownies, and putting groceries away…. Yep, I’m a young’n all right. And I’m married to an old man.

We met in college at Kirksville. Had a date and I decided that we should just be friends. But there was something about this guy that just wouldn’t let go of my memory. When I thought of funny, he came to mind. When I thought of caring, his face was before me. When I thought of intellectual, his name was on my tongue. When I thought of integrity, it was this man. We graduated and went our separate ways. I was in the St. Louis area and he went to Florida. Florida? For crying out loud…. Florida is where old men retire……..

Our paths crossed again later. All those words that described him in college were still true, perhaps even more so. He was definitely a good catch. Only one eensy problem: I was a Christian and he was not. And although we were growing closer and closer, I knew that I couldn’t marry him. And I told him that.

He began a spiritual journey, a spiritual search. And it led him to Christianity. We became engaged, and married. He said at that time, that he had 3 criteria for his future wife: that she be younger, shorter and less intellectual. Then he smiled and said that two out of three wasn’t bad!! So…….. I married an older man.

Yep. He’s all of six months older. My turn for Social Security comes next year. But it was rather a shock to realize that the Hubs, this man that I pledged to love forever and ever, was an old man. The gray that frames his face doesn’t make him look extinguished; it makes him look distinguished. The lines on his face were well earned. And he works hard. I guess he deserves that nap!

It’s been a good life together. It was a little bumpy at first. I was used to big hoopla birthday parties, but not much in the way of gifts. He was used to lots of gifts and nothing in the way of parties. He likes to stay up late; I’m zonked by 8 pm. I have allergies and he doesn’t. I’m a woman and he’s a man; that about says it all.

We began married life in a little post WW2 house that was built the same year that I was. It was painted baby-mess-yellow and we quickly changed that to federal blue/gray. That was just the first of many house projects for us, which included designing and building our own solar home, and taming 4+ acres of woods. Now we live in a nice ranch in another state, and we’re still working on fixing it up. But being an old man now, he hires some of it done.

We’ve dealt with our baby, our boy, our teen, our young adult, and now with grandkids. He’s worked many jobs, and many years he held down two jobs: teaching in the day, then teaching at night, and then summer jobs. Sometimes he took extra jobs just so he could give the money away to those in needl. What a guy! He does so much volunteer work to help family, friends, neighbors. An elderly fellow lives next to us now. He fell down outside and the Hubs helped him up. And he takes care of the fellow’s trash can and recycling bin. He cares for my parents, and he cared for his own parents while they were alive. He continues to do projects with our son. He just reaches out to everyone; and I admire that in him.

He’s a creative guy. He paints, does sculpture, candle making, is a writer, a wood worker and carver. I’m constantly challenged by his expertise. And he’s pretty good for an old guy!

Most of all, he loves the Lord. And this just spills out of him in the many things he does, in all that he says, in his thoughtfulness and his actions. He spends much time studying Scripture, and we have long discussions on Scripture. He was the one who convinced me that we should be tithing, and he was right. He is my friend, my lover, my role model. He’s just right for me. But he is now an old man. Believe it or not, I am finally married to an old man….

Father, thank You for the awesome opportunity to be married to the Hubs. What a journey You have set us on! Help me be everything for him that I should be. Bless us, I ask You. Amen.

To God be the glory….

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  1. These writings are amazingly beautiful!! God Bless you and your loved ones..

  2. Thank you, Sharon. Your words mean a lot to me. I appreciate your taking time to read my “book.”

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