Still Pondering Worship

Just Thinking.
I have sat in large echo-y cathedrals, with thundering pipe organs and naves and arches, listening to liturgy and high traditional music. I have sat in an Amana church, with unadorned walls, plain windows, a board floor and wooden benches, lilstening to the sound of a bird chirping and the rustle of Bible pages. I have sat in a one room country church, with mechanical thumping of the piano, listening to the droning sermon and the snoring of the old farmer in the next pew. I have sat in a contemporary church with quickening tempo guitars and flashing outlines on the screen, listening to the clapping. And I have worshipped in each place.

I’m still pondering this thing called “worship”. Much of the time, I think I know what it is. Then I find myself questioning. Is worship outside of me or inside of me? If it concerns what is outside of me, then can all of the above places ignite worship? If it is inside of me, then am I able to worship in any locale, any circumstance? My current thought is that I can worship whereever I choose to worship, although some settings seem more conducive to that inner experience. I remember sitting in that cathedral and thinking that although I am not Catholic, I still found solace in the words of some songs. I remember sitting in the Amana church, thinking that the plainness did not distract me from hearing God’s still small voice. I recall the little country church as a time to worship more slowly. And the contemporary church gave worship a “now-ness” of being immediately in the presence of God. So different………

So let’s assume that worship must be internal. Now what? Is it my internal words? My internal prayer? My internal singing? Or my internal listening? Does what begins as internal find its way into external? Does it begin with attitude? Desire?

When I consider worship in a secular sense, it always has to do with idolizing something as being better or bigger than me. It is something I place on a pedestal and look up to. It’s the acknowledging of the quality of something as being more than I can create. Now if I translate this to God, then do I place God on that pedestal and acknowledge Him as bigger, better, more than me? He is all of that. Is worship then that acknowledgement?

I’m not done with this yet. More musing to come.

To God be the Glory.

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