I’m So Inept……….

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My laptop and I had a confrontation. Guess who won. But not for long! Can’t keep a good woman down! Here’s the story:

We are Mac people. We’ve owned 4 Macs over the years, and none of them ever died. Old Macs never die; they just get outdated. They chug along, nothing fancy and a little slow, but they always get the job done. Last winter, we decided to buy a PC, as our new jobs at the college would be easier if we could coordinate files between school and home. We were able to buy a new machine through the school, hired someone to help us set it up (isn’t that pathetic?), and then began happily using it. Some things were different, the Xs in the upper right corner, but we could live with it.

So we had the computer in the family for the past few months, and suddenly last week it flashed an error screen at me, filled with ominous words like “Fatal system error” and rows of doom numbers: lots of Os and Xs. The screen turned bright blue and announced that it was calling it quits. The nerve!

My reaction to mischeivous technology is to turn it off and turn it back on. It helps all kinds of problems! So I turned it off and turned it back on. Nothing but a blue screen laughing at me. The next time I tried my little trick, the blue screen thumbed its nose at me.

It was time to contact the IT department. Now if you are IT, no offense. But you all speak a foreign language. Even if I perchance get someone who professes to speak English, it’s still a foreign language. And then there’s the attitude that I know all the jargon, and that I know exactly where a function key is. Excuse me? And not only do they all speak a foreign language, they mumble that foreign language. And they mumble in a whisper. Heaven help me if I get some one from India who learned to speak English yesterday, but has a lisp and uses incomprehensible techhie type of words! Help!

So I emailed the IT department. It was the safer route. They put me in contact with someone somewhere who tied up my cell phone for three and one half hours!!! But bless his heart, he got my computer going again. Spasms of number codes scrolled across the screen. Mr. Techhie was patient with me; he used words like “Click on Enter.” and “Look at the bottom left corner of the screen.” Good. I could understand his language.

Problem? The phone line kept cutting out and then some female voice from the inky cyberspace darkness began to cut in. Mr. Techhie would fade away and then revive. But we made it!

Then I discovered tonight that I have no word processing cabilities left. They were completely wiped out with the Crash. So tomorrow, I get to contact IT again….

I haven’t always been this inept. Growing up, I could turn light switches on and off, use a can opener, and reach a decent speed on a manual typewriter. Once I even fixed a towel dispenser in the women’s restroom at the hospital. And I know how to jumpstart the defrost mode on my fridge with a blow dryer and a table knife.

But current phones, faxes, and ‘puters are leaving me in the dust. Remote controls fill me with terror with their myrid of little colored buttons. And a camera and keyboard on a phone? Give me a break! I’m a digital immigrant, and the natives speak a different language.

Father, I praise You for always knowing my language and speaking so clearly that I can understand you. Forgive me for those times when I don’t want to hear and understand. Thank You for always being there: no busy signals, no screen crashes. How awesome that the ultimate Techhie, the creator of the universe, takes time to talk to me in ways that I understand. Amen.

To God be the Glory

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