A Big Surprise for Mom and Dad!

Just thinking….

My folks have been gone to CO for two weeks. When the parents are away, the children will play! And play we did. Their home had sustained some water damage in the roof and upstairs and porch. We did some remodeling/repairing of their home, threw a mini “shower” for them with new stuff for kitchen and living room, gave the whole house a deep deep cleaning, and the biggie: bought them a new computer.

The old computer was inefficient, dying and on dial-up. They now have wireless braodband. The computer is a lifeline for them, especially Mom, and when their machine was biting the dust, it was of some concern. We tied a big red ribbon and bow on it! Also restocked their fridge, and planned a nice welcome-home dinner. All of us in the area were there. And of course, they knew nothing of any of this.

I was beginning to wonder during these two weeks if we could pull it off. The job seemed so huge. Because of the water damage, we had so much work in the upstairs to go through boxes and sort out the items that were damaged beyond repair. We worked to repack items in a safer way. We took furniture apart and did countless loads of laundry. The guys rebuilt the porch roof. And of course, all of that required a huge clean up when finished.

My sibs went to their house while we picked the folks up at Amtrak. And of course the train was late…. Anyway, they didn’t see the cars all parked behind the house when we arrived, but they were fretting about how to get into the house since we told them we didn’t have the garage door opener and key.

When we walked into the kitchen, the others were hiding in the hall wilth cameras poised. Then they yelled, “Surprise!” Mom and Dad were in a daze, as they walked about discovering each new thing: the new arrangement of the furniture, the new cushions, the new kitchen things…. But the computer brought tears. And it kept bringing tears over and over. We all sat down to lunch and just rejoiced in each other. It was family at its best. We reminisced about all we had done during the past two weeks, and left with a closer bond.

It was a really big day for us as we put the finishing touches on the cleaning and decorating. And we finally got the new computer service to work (that was beginning to be worrisome.) And then we couldn’t wait until the big reveal. Our parents have been so loving and good and generous to us; it was such a thrill and pleasure to do this for them.

Father, I know how good I feel to be able to love and serve others. So I can comprehend to a small degree how You must feel to bless us. Thank You for my parents and sibs and the love we have. Thank You for showering us with Your love. And when the task seems too huge, thank You for showing the way. Amen

To God be the Glory….

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