Coffee Shop Time!

Just Thinking….

For years, little granddaughter liked to play coffeeshop in the bath tub. We would run some water and bubbles, and drop in some plastic cups, spoons, etc. and the shop would be open.

“Hi, Grandma! Do you want a latte?” was the standard greeting. Nevermind that she had no idea of what a latte was. Nor did she know what a mocha, or espresso or Italian ice was. In her mind, just filling a cup with bubble water and pretending to add whipped cream (more bubbles) was enough excitement. I would place my order as I knelt on the floor beside the tub, and then slurp noisily as I pretended to drink it. Then she would fill my next order. Over the course of one bath, I “drank” maybe 10 coffeeshop drinks. It was always our special time in the evening.

Now she is a little older, and doesn’t need anyone to supervise her bath time. I miss it. So last weekend when she came to stay, I asked her if she wanted to go to a coffeeshop…….. a REAL coffeeshop. The look of delight and awe on her face was worth every dollar. Off we went to Ping’s Coffeeshop.

I have two girlfriends with whom I travel every summer. We choose a destination, clear our calendars for 5 days, pack comfy clothes and food and chocolate and Bibles and meet at a motel. We spend the days traveling the countryside, stopping at interesting little shops, having lunch, and talking nonstop. In the evening, it’s jammie time, sometimes hot tub time, Bible study time and more nonstop talking. But the afternoons are special: that’s coffeeshop time.

One of the first things we do when we pull into town is scout out the coffeeshops. We like the eclectic looks of books, music, and comfy couches, and want a great array of drinks. I usually take just iced coffee as I love the coffee flavor with no sweetness. My friends stray more toward iced mochas. But we put our feet up in that quaint little shop on a hot summer afternoon and just relax over our coffee and talk…………. It’s girlfriend time, pure and simple.

I told my granddaughter about this as we traveled to Ping’s. I described what she would see and smell and hear and taste. She was quivering as we got out of the Tracker. There was a line ahead of us, so she stood to the side and just stared at the barista grinding, pouring, topping, blending……….. Finally it was our turn. I ordered iced coffee. She doesn’t really like the coffee taste, so I could see her thinking becoming a little confused. I suggested an Italian ice, and she readily agreed. We took our drinks and went to a little counter where a computer was set up. We climbed up on the tall stools and she giggled as she sipped her ice. It had whipped cream on it, and she was in heaven. She began to tap out a message to me on the word processing program: “Do you come here much?” I tapped back: “Not too often. I only go out for coffee with my girlfriends.”

She knew she had arrived. It was an end of childhood rite. No longer would I be giving her a bath and playing coffeeshop with soap and bubbles. We had moved on to the real thing, and moved on to another level in our relationship. It was girlfriend time.

Father, I praise You for my girlfriends, no matter what age. And for my time with my granddaughter. Thank You for our special coffeeshop times. Amen.

To God be the Glory,

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