Sometime I Cry, Just Thinking About It…

Just Thinking………

Hubby had foot surgery this morning (he’s doing well, thank you), and is supposed to stay off his foot for several days. At the moment, he is obeying this order, as he is sound asleep. But when he awakes, it will be hard to keep him down. Already he has been fretting about mowing the lawn, working on his shed, going to school to run off papers……….

When I mentioned this on Facebook today, there was an immediate outpouring of prayer and well-wishes from friends. And one local friend began to offer help: could her son mow our lawn? Did we need a meal? I think we are OK this time around, but I began to reflect on how nice people are to us. It brings tears to me sometimes on how other treat us so well, and are so helpful.

Last year, when we had a tornado tear through our property, around 60 people came out to help us clean up, and they just kept coming, day after day, bringing their tools, water and food. No way I could pay them what they were worth, and no one asked for a cent. When we sold our home last year and moved out of state, people just kept coming by to help us pack and clean the house. Some drove with us all the way out of state to our new home. People helped us unpack and set up our beds, and brought us food for our first day in our new home. Our neighbors, no matter where we have lived, have always been so kind and generous.

Many years ago, I was in a car wreck, and could do little for myself. A dear friend helped me get to the doctor’s. Another friend cleaned my house. One came and washed my hair. Many brought meals.

One tiime I broke my leg and was on bed rest. A friend came out each day at noon and fed me lunch and helped me to the bathroom.

My family has been so good to us. They are there to help us, cheer us, pray with us, work with us……. Our move out of state could not have happened so smoothly without all of their help. My parents support us so much. My sibs, nieces and nephews are there for us. My son and grandkids are so kind and helpful.

I really try to NOT ask for help. I’m uncomfortable receiving help, and would much rather be on the giving end. One time I did not ask for help, and a friend chided me for not asking. She said, “You denied me a blessing when you didn’t let me help you” I had never thought of it that way.

Even though I don’t want to ask for help, and usually don’t ask for help, it is so amazing how people just show up and offer to be of assistance.

Father, help me to always appreciate those who give of their time and energy and resources. Help me to be more aware and sensitive to those about me who have need. Help me use my abilities (which ultimately are from You) for Your glory. Amen

To God be the Glory……

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