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Just Thinking…..

I have a massage appointment this afternoon. It’s one of those decadent things that I do for myself that challenges my frugal soul, but I don’t want to give it up. I used to get massages in MO about once a month and felt like a new woman afterwards. I have a lot of back and neck problems stemming from a car wreck years ago. And I am developing arthritis that makes it very hard to move and bend. Massage soothes all of this.

Now that we are in our new homestate, I can get a massage once a week for a quarter of the cost in MO. There’s a school of massage here at the college where I teach. And oh my they are good. Only two problems: 1) they only do massages from February to August, and 2) I get a different student each time. So I have to re-explain all my tender spots and needs. But even with these drawbacks, I am enjoying the school and the massages.

Sometimes I wonder if this is too self-engaging. Am I too centered on “me”? Should this money go elsewhere? I’m pretty good at arguing both viewpoints!! I dont want my life to be just self-indulgent, to be vain, to be selfish. On the other hand, when I feel my best, then I have more energy to do those things that need done. When I struggle with answers, I often look to the Hubs to help me clarify. He said that I should not feel guilty on spending time and money on a massage. That’s all I needed to hear!!! Thank you, Sweetie!! (and now….. about that hot tub…. just kidding!)

So….. it’s off to the massage today, and then I’m working to help clean up water damage at my parent’s home. See….. I AM using my energy for good!

Father, thank You for providing the time, the money, and the ability to have a massage. Thank You for my husband who encourages me. Please, do not let me become self-indulgent, but in all things to acknowledge You and praise You. Amen.

To God be the Glory……….

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  1. I think you are doing the right thing to get your self motivated and healthy, if you are healthy then you can help others after that. If God is with you so no worries about any thing.

    Have a happy life

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