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Today is Tuesday: my last Tuesday in this house.

Today we closed on the new home and did a walk through. I was a little disappointed. When I first saw the house, there was such a WOW factor. The house was the best one we had seen and we were getting disappointed and frustrated about the lack of quality homes and homes that met our needs and standards. Then we saw this home and truly fell in love with it. It’s quite a bit smaller than our current home, which means some serious downsizing. But otherwise the layout was nice, open, casual and nicely decorated. But today the furniture was gone; the art was off the walls, and we could see the stains on the carpet that were not visible before. I opened the fridge: dirty. The stove and oven: dirty. The bathroom fixtures: dirty. Hey, it’s not that I have never had a dirty stove and fridge. It’s not that I have never had a spot on the floor. But I wouldn’t dream of leaving it like that. Where I had been initially impressed with how nice it all looked, I now was getting skeptical. I take pride in my home. I am so disappointed that the sellers are not taking the pride that I do. And I have to wonder: what else was not taken care of in the house that was not apparent at first?

But life goes on. I’ll clean the stove and oven and fridge as a first priority. I’ll shampoo the rugs and perhaps have to replace them. But you know what? I came back to my home here and continued to dust the woodwork, paint the patched nail holes where we had hung pictures, and clean the mirrors. And before we leave, I’ll clean the oven and fridge.

Am I picky? Yeah. I freely admit it. But my continual pickiness made the buyers of our house talk about how clean it was. It made the inspector and appraiser comment on the cleanliness and how it was in “immaculate condition.” I took pride in that. And I take pride in leaving a squeaky clean home for the buyers of our home.

So…… today is our last Tuesday. I have everything packed. Tonight I wrapped mirrors, lamps and a small curio cabinet in bubble wrap. I removed light bulbs and bubble wrapped them. A friend came by to visit and brought us 2 kinds of homemade cookies, ham, turkey, bread, cheese, and bottled water so that we can feed our friends who will be helping us move. Bless her heart….. Tomorrow another friend is taking us to dinner, and tomorrow night we will eat supper at our church for the last time. Thursday a neighbor is bringing us supper. And Friday we pack the moving van with the help of a small army of friends. That will be it. Friday night we’ll sleep at a friend’s home and early Saturday morning, we leave.

It’s surreal. I look around my living room and see my mattress on the floor, boxes forming a wall in the middle of the room, a carpet rolled up, and furniture stacked along the wall. Nothing remains upstairs and downstairs. And even with the chaos around me, I continue to clean.

It’s eating at me that owners didn’t bother to do it. Or am I just exhibiting an early homesickness? I need to shake myself out of it and count my blessings.

Father, forgive me for not being grateful that You provided such a wonderful home in Your exquisite timing. Prepare me for change, for this move, for the stress. Let me see the opportunities and not the frustrations. Equip me for new ministries, new avenues of service for Your name’s sake. Allow me to continue in worship.

To God be the glory……

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