Just thinking…..

When the economy and the kids and the job and the dog all get you down, when Murphy come to visit and all the appliances die within 3 days, when nobody understands why you are crying and then laughing and then crying again, when you look into the mirror and decide grout would work better than makeup……… know this: God loves you.

When you feel like a generation sandwich pulled between aging parents and busy kids, when you wonder who the guy is that you married, when you see the pain in your children’s eyes and you can’t fix the hurt, when you watch a loved one fade away………… know this: God loves you.

When you read the Bible during those late hours and begin to nod, when you wait up for that child to come home, when the bills began to stack, when your prayer seems to bounce………………. know this: God loves you.

When the leaky faucet, again, drives you crazy, when your boss, again, gives you last minute assignments, when someone, again, tracks mud through the kitchen, when it rains, again, and there’s no sunlight in your soul………… know this: God loves you.

Father, You are bigger than my circumstances. You know my future and You have given me a hope that transcends the temporal. Thank You for Your grace in the everyday.

To God be the glory…….

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