The Fashion Show…. sort of….

Just thinking…..

Today our church had a women’s tea and fashion show. What fun! Let me tell you all about it.

The theme was “Fashion”. Our name tags had either a shoe or purse on it, and the tables were covered with pastel cloths and a mesh purse, filled with colorful tissue paper and fresh flowers. The buffet table was loaded, and decorated with vases of irises. We had omelets, souffles, muffins, biscuits, coffeecakes, donuts, pastries, salads, cheese and sausage, crackers, my cornbread (which some folks wanted the recipe for), cake,cookies……… My…… so much.

We had our missionary study, which was about the summer mission project to Muslim countries of north Africa, and our missionary prayer time. Had a guest speaker whose theme was fashion, and text was from Matthew about being arrayed like the lilies of the field and what we should put on, such as joy, peace, etc. Had a couple pieces of special music. And then we had two fashion shows.

The first fashion show was a collaborative show, done by each table. They had a pasteboard cutout of a dress at each table that was full size, and a pack of magic markers. As a table we had to come up with a Biblical theme for decorating the dress. Ours was the beauty of God’s creation, and we had flowers all over it, and Bible verses about creation. Other tables had themes like fruit of the spirit, the armour of God, etc. And we had modeling of the “dresses”.

The second fashion show was a spoof, complete with wonderful puns. We had piano music in the background, and each of the women who modeled came out, was introduced, and the MC talked about the outfit just a fashion designer would. They were a hoot! The first dress was a muu-muu. The woman wore a black and white dress, with cows pinned to it, and holstein spots on her shoes and a stuffed cow on the hat, and she carried a milk pail for a purse. It was a Moo-Moo. Now that you understand the spoof and puns, here are some of the others:

1. Blouse with 3 quarter sleeves (3 quarters attached to the sleeves). The MC said that you could wear it for a change.
2. A skirt with box pleats and matching top. There were match boxes on the pleats and matches on the top! She carried a hand bag, which had a hand stitched to it.
3. Then there was the tent dress. Yep…… a small camping tent artfully draped on her. She carried a back pack for a bag.
4. There was the lady with the alligator purse and shoes. Picture a green stuffed alligator on both. She also wore a turtle neck sweater (turtle toy on the neck).
5. One woman modeled a leisurely duster. Imagine all the feather dusters all over the dress.
6. Another lady was in her spring outfit. She had slinkies all over the hat, dress, and bag.
7. The sun dress had cloth suns appliqued on it, with golden pipe cleaner “rays” sticking out.
8. There was the can-can dress, with coke cans sewed on the bottom as a fringe.
9. The tea gown had tea bags all over it, and tea bag earrings. There were sugar cubes glued to the sleeves, and plastic spoons glued to the hemline.
10. The dress with the plunging neckline had a rubber bathroom plunger at the neck.
11. The tank top had toy army tanks on it.
12. The blouse with the boat neck, had toy boats attached.
13. The ball gown had whiffle balls all over and she carried a football spray painted silver for a purse.
14. The tennis outfit had 10S on it, and had tennis balls on the shoes and hat.
15. The seersucker dress was covered with lollipops.
16. The cotton dress was covered with cotton balls.
17. There were stove pipe pants (use your imagination!)
18. One outfit was designed for bare feet. So the model had teddy bears attached to her feet.
19. Along the same line, the outfit with the hush puppies, had toy dogs on the feet.
20. The outfit called “summer’s sizzling look” had flames all over it.
21. The A-line dress had a huge letter A from top to bottom.
22. The princess line dress had Barbie with a crown attached to it.

It was so funny and so clever. When finished, the MC gave the woman in charge of the fashion show a gift basket. She said it was a basket of flowers. And it was…….. just spelled differently. In the basket was a sack of whole wheat flour, a sack of self rising flour, a sack of all purpose flour, etc. Too funny!

Father, let me remember to not take myself too seriously, but to always be serious about you. Amen

To God be the glory……

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