Being 50, and Being 60

Just thinking…..

I turned 60 this month. And I’ve been thinking about this new decade that I am entering and comparing it to my last decade of being 50. What shape am I in?

Here’s what I am mulling over:

1. Physical shape: weight gained or lost, health-wise, aches and pains, energy level, flexibility, etc.
2. Mental shape: being sharp and quick, forgetfulness, fogginess, learning new things, goals, challenges, etc.
3. Emotional shape: feelings, emotions, new loves, hates, and worries, humor, stress, etc.
4. Spiritual shape: peace and joy quota, closer walk with God, more dependence on God, learning, meditating, prayer and Bible study amounts, etc.
5. Financial shape: debt, savings, retirement, spending patterns, etc.
6. My place in the world: Are my relationships changing? Where do I want to be at the end of this decade? What do I want to have accomplished?

I’m still working on my list, but here are some insights:

1. Physically, I’m probably in better shape now than I was in my 50s. I take time to get decent rest, whereas in my 50s I was still too caught up in my job. My weight has stabilized. It’s a little more than what I want to weight, but the doctor says I’m OK. I have a pretty high energy level most of the time, and have regained the flexibility I lost. This is due for the most part of going to Curves. I am more serious about my diet now, working in more low-carb foods and more high fiber foods. Aches and pains: not bad. I think I have a bit of arthritis in my hips which acts up sometimes when the weather changes, but it’s nothing to complain about. My hearing is going, but I still don’t have to wear glasses or contacts.
2. Mentally, I have to work a little harder to stay sharp. I find that I must force myself to concentrate more. But I still spend a lot of time thinking (like this posting!), and reading, and discussing. I still enjoy games that make me stratagize and plot. And I still love to write. I think that still being in the teaching field helps with mental alertness. But…. I am more forgetful than I was in my 50s. I have to make more notes to myself, and keep a detailed calendar. Is this due to aging, or just that I am getting busier?
3. Emotionally, I have mellowed. Having kids at home, holding a full time job, and all the rest of life put me on edge more than once. The real mellowness came after I retired, and the real stress came just before I retired. I was trying to make the right decision then, and it wasn’t easy. The passage of years has shown me that I don’t need to worry as much. And the passage of hormones have ensured that!! LOL!!
4. Spiritually, I am about the same, I think. I’ll have to give this more thought. I have definitely learned more in this area, but am not sure that it has made me more spiritual. I have learned some spiritual truths in a deeper way. I have learned so much more about God’s exquisite timing and how He keeps His promises. I’m still a work in progress on increasing my obedience.
5. Financially, we are better off now than when I was in my 50s. We had no debt then, and no debt now, so that part isn’t different. But having no kids at home has given us more money! Retiring and then working part time jobs has been a good financial step for us. We made some investment decisions that turned out to be good, at least so far. At the moment, we are not hurting for money, but on the other hand, we still have to be careful and plan ahead for things like vacation, or major purchases. I learned to be more frugal in spending and usage. I really think my attitude towards “things” has changed tremendously. I’ve not ever been materialistic, but now I look at things, and think of how I am more of a servant to them than they are to me.
6. My place in the world: My love for Hubby is deeper and richer than ever before. I am finding him day by day to be more handsome and fascinating. It’s a delight to be married to him! My relationship with my son has come to a more mature level and that’s a breath of fresh air! Ten years ago, I had no grandchildren, and now I have three. I find my place as a grandmother to be deeply satisfying, and I take great pleasure in them. I am still a daughter, but my relationship with my parents has changed quite a bit. In my early 50s, Mom and Dad were still quite active. But in the last 10 years, their health has gone downhill, and I find myself making more trips home to care for things, and we find ourselves talking about what to do with the farm when they pass on, etc. On another note, my place in the world as a teacher changed. I loved teaching and was wrapped up in it. So it was hard to retire and not consider myself as a teacher any longer. Working part time now as a teacher has helped me with this transition. I think that in 5 years or so, I might be able to give it up completely.

At the end of this decade, I will probably be an orphan, might be a widow, will more than likely be completely retired, will more than likely experience a physical slow down. I don’t like to think of it, but that’s reality. So I had best adopt carpe deim!

Father, allow me to count my days, and to cherish them. Allow me to honor and glorify You with the passing of each day. Thank You for the privilege of life and for those You put into my life. It’s been wonderful.

To God be the glory……

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