Feeling Sad for Another

Just thinking…….

I was thinking today of a young man I know, and feeling very sad for him. He has no friends; in fact, he has never had a friend. Never. He has family and he has acquaintances. But no friends.

He is very judgmental and criticizing, and says that he is this way because he knows that his comments will help others. But the others do not take his words this way. He doesn’t understand how much he hurts people, possibly because of his lack of relationships.

He cannot carry on conversations well. He doesn’t know how to start conversations, how to steer conversations, or how to end them well. He just blurts in his blunt statements, and then wonders why others walk away. He does not even know how to make a casual greeting to other people.

He complains that people do not honor him or respect him. But he is crippled in his people skills.

I have seen this young man grow up, and I have seen so many admirable traits that he has. He is a hard worker and is honest. He wants to do well and has lofty goals. But I fear for his future.

How sad to see potential and know that most likely it will never be actual. I have determined to just continue being a friend, as much as possible. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that I will continue being friendly, since I don’t think he understands the concept of friend and would not understand the concept of being a friend.

I need strength to do this. Father, keep my thinking clear. Give me Your strength to reach out and not just react. Guard my words and actions so that I honor You. I ask for Your understanding and discernment.

To God be the glory………

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