Happy Birthday to Me!

Just thinking…..

Yesterday was my birthday; I was 60. Don’t feel sorry for me. Don’t think, “Oh, she must be wailing her eyes out.” Contraire.
I anticipated this birthday with excitement. I had a marvelous day from the time I awoke until I fell asleep. And the celebration lasted for more than one day.

It began on Sunday when the Hubs threw me a party after church for 25-30 friends. There were decorations, cake, cards, singing, well wishes. Now that’s how I like a party! And I received 60 slices of bacon (they know how much I love bacon). The Hubs doesn’t do parties; he’s just not too interested in all the hoop-la, so that was a real gift he gave me.

Then on Monday the Hubs took me out to supper at my favorite Chinese restaurant here in town. This place has a sushi bar and shrimp on the barbie, as well as 4 bars of food. I’ve never seen another place to compare to it. The Hubs can take or leave Chinese food, but just for me, we ate there.

Tuesday and Wednesday were calm, but I began to get a trickle of email birthday greetings.

Then came yesterday. Wheeeee-ha! The Hubs gets up about 2 hours earlier than I do to go to work. So when I leisurely stretched and opened my eyes, I was looking at the chevel mirror in the bedroom. And there was a message written on it. I have good eyes; even at 60 I don’t wear glasses. So I had no problem making out the words: Happy birthday! Smiling, I got out of bed and wandered into the bathroom. There was another message on the bathroom mirror: Happy birthday! And the Hubs also wrote a poem: Another year gone by, A year full of grace, Because I can look, On your beautiful face. Gotta admit it: the Hubs has a way with words! So then I amble down the hall and look into the other bedrooms and the other bathroom on this level. Yep. More mirror messages. All written in blue dry-erase marker. When I went downstairs, I found another message in the kitchen mirror and still another in the half bath mirror. Then when I went into the basement, there was still another message on the bathroom mirror down there. And there was a message on the hand mirror that I use in the bathroom. I opened my purse to see if a message was on the compact mirror, but no…..

So that was a grand start to the day. Then the phone rang. It was my father, singing loudly and slightly off key. So I had a Happy Birthday serenade. Then my mother came on the line and wished me a happy birthday. A little later, the phone rang again. It was the Hubs and the secretary, and they sang to me, while I heard the whole office laughing in the background. Later in the afternoon, our son called. And then the grandchildren called. The three year old was asleep, but the other two sang to me. The little 5 year old wondered how old I was. I said, “60.” There was a moment of silence. Then he said, “Oh.” The 8 year old wanted to know who all called, what they said, who sang, what I got, etc. Then late at night, after 11 pm, the phone rang again. My heart thudded. No one calls then unless it was an emergency. It was my mother. “Just wanted you to know that 60 years ago, I was in labor and about to deliver!” she announced. And then my father’s booming voice chimed in, singing, “Happy birthday to you!”

All day long, I had emails wishing me a happy birthday, reminding me that Tweety Bird had the same birthday as me, asking me if I needed large print on my letters, and more of the same. I had an email from a grade school friend who now lives in Germany. She said that every April 9 she thinks of my birthday. Awesome. I also think of her every December 16 on her birthday. Memories last a long long time…..

One sister said something that warmed my heart. She wrote, “You make 60 look good.” Bless you, Sis! Another sister typed out the Birthday Song lyrics and then added, “How many candles does it take to light her birthday cake? 60!” And my brother flooded my in-box with a series of greetings. So did my mom. Don’t I just have the greatest family in the world?

When the Hubs came home from work, he took me out to lunch at Pizza Hut. We ordered a bacon pizza, but they sent out a beef one. We were hungry so said that we would take it, anyway. Brought half of it home. The Hubs then gave me a certificate good for 2 massages, and a book. I got some cards in the mail. The Hubs gave me a card that said that he was giving me a kiss for each year I had lived, and that he was going to greatly exaggerate my age!! And he carried through on it!!!

Then it was time to get ready for my evening class. Yep. The end of my birthday was spent teaching a class at the university. When I walked into the classroom, there was a sign on the board and balloons drawn on the board announcing my birthday. The secretary (the same one who sang the duet with the Hubs) had decorated. And a student brought in a cake and plates. So at our first break time, we all enjoyed that. The class wished me a happy birthday several times (do they want a good grade?). And when I came home, the Hubs continued to wish me a happy birthday.

I wish every 60 year old woman could experience the same wonderful birthday that I just did. I felt so cherished and loved and appreciated. I love birthdays. I have no problems in getting older; I just look forward to another year of adventure and learning, and give praise to God for the wonderful year that I just safely finished. The perfect birthday party was just what I experienced all day: singing, cards, food, greetings, kisses, and being with friends and family. I want to live to 100. 60 down and 40 to go!

I try to stay in good shape. I watch my diet and my weight; I work out daily. I take a handful of fishoil and vitamins every day. I make time to pray and read the Word daily. I try to stretch my mind with mental exercises, writing, games, reading. I stay very busy with church work, hobbies, correspondence, volunteer work. I really believe that by keeping an upbeat attitude and making time for mental, spiritual, and physical fitness, that I can enjoy my years.

Sometimes I reflect on the days that I have lived and wonder how many days are left for me. No one knows. But I have determined to live my life on purpose and deliberately, not accidentally. I want to live with no regrets. I want to live in such a way that others remember me in a positive way. I have determined that I want to live a life of honor, hope, humor, and honesty. I want to live with joy and praise in my heart and in my mouth. So no matter how many days are left, they will be good ones. No matter what…..

Thank you, Father God, for the gift of life. Thank You for surrounding me with wonderful people. Thank You for all Your provision in this past year, and thank You in advance for how You will care for me this year. Praise and glory be Yours, amen.

To God be the glory……..

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