So Much Has Happened….

Just thinking…..

Actually I haven’t had much time for thinking. Life has been incredibly busy. My Uncle Wimp died out in Colorado. Don’t laugh; it was his name. He was so much fun to be around. I remember that he always wanted to go to amusement parks and ride every roller coaster in the area. He was a big kid at heart, yet every bit the mature man who cherished his wife, raised good kids, was a good provider, and a strong Christian. So I drove to Iowa, picked up my parents and sister and and we all Amtraked out to CO. Of course, the train was late, and of course, we didn’t sleep much. The family in CO was strong and filled with faith, yet grieving. And grief uses energy. After a train trip back and then driving back to my state, I was exhausted.

Then my dog died. Yep, same dog I’ve written about. I know he was only a dog, but yet it left a hole in my heart. I still look outside when I get up to see if he is laying in front of the door, guarding us. I still watch for him to come greet me when I drive home. I still miss him padding along beside me when I go for walks. I still get misty eyed thinking of him. How can you not love and miss a dog that’s been around almost 17 years? We buried him (or rather the Hubs did) on a hill back in our woods, and piled stones atop his grave. The squirrels scamper across the mound, never guessing their greatest enemy lies beneath.

Then an internet friend moved. Their little farm was foreclosed on, and several other problems had arisen. I offered to help them move since they only lived about 2 1/2 hours from here. We had never met in person until last weekend. It was so emotional and draining. I had called a church in her area to see if they could help with the moving. Did they ever! That church rented a UHaul and moved that family in style. They gave them such grace and dignity. Then they fed the family. What love! CBS was there filming the whole thing, showcasing it as people in rough times reaching out to each other. They did an interview with me, and it actually turned out quite well. I was able to watch it via computer.

And then I have the usual stuff, like doctor appointments, caring for my friend’s alzheimer-stricken mother, planning and cooking and delivering meals to some folks in need, teaching night school, church activities, PreSchool Board, and SLU Board……… And that’s not to mention that our house is up for sale, so I clean every day.

Somehow time got away from my blog. I’m the type of person who overcommits and stays super busy. A friend once said, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person to do.” So they always gave it to me……… Actually I like to be busy. I like to fill every minute and I get joy in serving others, and a creative thrill from my scrapbooking and cooking, and a peace in walking our hills. I like to think that I make a difference to those around me; I enjoy beng wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, neighbor, friend. I revel in being responsible and a mover and shaker.

But right now, I am moved and shook out. My mom told me to remember that I am almost 60 and to slow down. Ha! Is she slowing down? Nah…… Mom is my role model; she is still taking care of the elderly, not for one moment realizing that SHE is the elderly!

And almost 60………. It’s next week, and I can’t wait. I love growing older. Every year is a new adventure and a new opportunity. I’d love to have a big blow-out party, but that won’t happen. The Hubs, for all his near perfectness, doesn’t do parties. So that’s that. Oh well, my birthday is on my teaching night, so we’ll just party in the classroom!

Listen…. it’s been wonderful chatting with you, but I need a nap. yawn…………

To God be the glory……

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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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