Stimulus? hahaha….. Got Another Joke?

Just thinking…….

Well, the House passed the stimulus bill. Where their brains have gone is anybody’s guess. Like most Americans, I am deeply concerned about the spending level of this monstrosity. But I’m even more concerned about the hidden aspects, namely the health insurance aspect. Parts of that are so blatantly anti-life that I gasp when thinking about the implications. Have you looked at this? It’s dangerous.

Frankly, this scares me silly. It’s scarier than anything you can think of for Friday the 13th. (and yes, this IS Friday the 13th) We have been on the slippery slope of lack of respect for human life for some time, and this is just the next dive. Each dive seems to de-sensitize us a little more to the respect of human life.

Seniors have a duty to die? Where will the wisdom that comes with age then come from? Who here will not someday be a senior? Who wants this to happen to their parents? What age will be the cut off where I am no longer considered important enough to live? 60? Then I have 2 months. 80? Then my parents should be done away with.

I have a real real real problem with trying to classify whose life is worth saving and whose is not. Life is precious and sacred. I don’t deem a mentally handicapped person, a preemie, or an elder as any less a person than me. Shades of futuristic sci-fi!!

Will I accept my own death with grace and dignity? Yes. But not at someone else’s whim and hands. I belong to a culture of life, not a culture of death!

Already insurance companies try to tell my doctor how to treat me. Now the government? I heard once that the scariest words in the world are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”

Finally, I am livid at Congress for their lack of insight, wisdom and patience. There is no need to vote on a huge money spending package without carefully reading it. Yet Congress didn’t get the total bill until 11 pm last night and they had to vote today at 2 pm. KMOX radio in St. Louis interviewed our congressman this morning, and he said he didn’t intend to read the bill. HUH????? You should have heard the calls coming in from irrate citizens. And why do they have to vote this afternoon? Because Nancy Pelosi has plane tickets and is flying to Europe this evening………

I am so angry at this blatant disregard for American citizens. I despise being led by incompetents!! My wonderful America is turning into a nightmare much faster than I ever visualized.

Dear Lord, keep us safe from ourselves.

To God be the glory,

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  1. Gerard Celente recently made some comments and forecasts about the economy and unemployment that sound hysterical on the surface but are based on the facts of the present crisis. Makes you wonder how bad things really are.

    Meanwhile, I read a humorous take on the stimulus package, with a little bit of truth in it.

  2. Thanks for visiting and reading! I had read the “humorous take” recently and had to laugh. I also enjoyed the link to Celente.

  3. Such an important bill has been voted on without reading or a debate. It’s so unbelievable!

  4. Great Post! You read my mind. God’s Blessing on you, Candy

  5. Candy? From FV? How are you doing! Thanks for reading my blog!

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