I Am Surrounded by Books

Just thinking…..

At this moment, I am sitting in my library at home pecking away at the laptop. Three wall of this room are floor to ceiling bookcases, and they are full.

The wall I am facing is filled with dictionaries. I collect dictionaries. I love the oldies and the newest slang dictionaries. I have thesauruses, (or would that be thesaurusi??), rhyming dictionaries, dictionaries of allusions, of musical terms, of biological terms. I have etymology books galore as the history of words fascinates me. I browse thrift shops, second hand stores, basement bookstores, college bookshops, yard sales and so forth to find the odd dictionary. I bought my first dictionary when I was about 5th or 6th grade. We were on a family vacation, and I purchased a pink and black dictionary, and proceeded to read it while we were traveling. I would find something wonderful and made the rest listen to me read the origin and definition of obscure words. I loved it. Many years later, the others told me how much they hated it.

I entered a writing contest sponsored by Writers Digest when I was in my 20s. I won a fantastic dictionary that I keep right beside me on a slanted shelf. It was an opportune prize.

My dad has a dictionary that he won in a spelling bee when he was in 8th grade. He has already autographed it for me, and it is to be given to me upon his death. But he wants that old dictionary around him for now.

The unabridged Oxford dictionary just blows my mind. Moving that little glass around the page and reading the great stories that make up each word is so exciting. Unfortunately I don’t own one. When I was teaching, I kept a copy in my classroom, and my students were fascinated by it.

To my left are old encyclopedias, reference books, and many types of Bibles and commentaries (and yes, Bible dictionaries). There are also 5 shelves of paperbacks, ranging from Luther’s Small Catechism to 2001 Space Odyssey, to Great Irish Short Stories. I’m eclectic; just as I enjoy dictionaries because they keep changing the subject, I also enjoy a wide variety of reading. And on the floor of that wall are boxes of magazines: literary mags, Mother Earth News, Life, and Look.

Behind me are my teaching books. The wall is filled with my literature classics, my theory books, my lives of great authors, and idea books.

And to my right is my work area where I can spread out materials.

I love my office; I love my books. And downstairs, one long wall of the living room is all book shelves. And we have books in the basement……

I grew up in a home that was filled with books. Dad used to go to the one room school auctions when the schools were being consolidated, and buy up all the books. What a treasure! I was constantly reading: reading in the bathroom, reading with a flashlight in bed, reading while I ate.

I am comfortable in homes that have books and magazines, and very uncomfortable in homes that are devoid of reading material. I find myself thinking, “What do these people do all day? Watch TV?” I can’t imagine not having something near by to pick up and read.

So here I am in my little office, pecking away, and peaceful in the midst of my books.

To God be the glory……

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