Where DO These Thoughts Come From?

Just thinking…….

I was watching the Prez’s speech tonight, and got to thinking about the economy. Big leap there: that’s what the press conference was ostensibly about. But I obviously had too much time on my hands, as my brain took off down its own meandering path.

1. What if we cut all the senators’ and reps’ salaries and perks, and had them all live in a communal dorm? They could eat senate bean soup at a communal table, and retire at night to their room, complete with a single bed and desk and chair.

2. No more fully funded health insurance for these guys and gals; a percentage can be paid for them from Big Brother Gov., but otherwise, they pick up the tab and deal with deductibles and statements as to why the insurance denied them coverage.

3. For retirement, they get a 403b and a match from Big Brother Gov. up to 3% of what they put in. It’s up to them to manage their own accounts.

4. No more Big Brother Gov. sponsored transportation. Get a car or take public transportation. Be sure to have correct change, keep up the licenses and inspections, and get up extra early to maneuver traffic.

5. How long would it take Congress to learn how the rest of us live? How would they rewrite bills then? Would they still tell us to suck it up and sacrifice for the good of the country? Ha…. Can you tell I have little respect tonight?

6. I’m fighting my health insurance company. Last summer a crown fell off a front tooth, and I swallowed it. Not on purpose, mind you, but it lodged in my bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich, and was down the hatch before I realize it was off. A dentist put in a temporary crown and I paid him completely out of my own pocket. Then I went for the permanent crown. I paid half out of pocket, but the insurance company refuses to pay the other half. They said it wasn’t necessary work, and that the dentist should have just left it alone, or extracted the tooth, and then leave a gap. Come on! Pay up! And if you ask me, I’ll gladly tell you the name of the insurance company: it’s Unicare Life and Health Insurance Company out of Chicago. Chicago, hmmmm….. maybe that says it all……..

7. Let a member of Congress lose a front tooth. Or let the Prez. Let’s see them give a big smile in front of the camera as they pile unwanted legislation all over the American people. Let them deal with an insurance company that says it shouldn’t be replaced. Ha…..

8. I’m really concerned by a news feed from Bloombergs (I think that was the name…..), about the plan to withhold medical care from senior citizens. The rationale was that they were at an age where they couldn’t meaningfully contribute to society anymore, and that it would cost too much to sustain them. The senior citizens should realize that they had a duty to die, so that the younger generation could flourish. That chills me. The current economic climate and insurance situation make that disturbingly close. Shades of Logan’s Run or Soylent Green! The future of sci fi is here! Will Farenheit 451 be close behind? Remember that slippery slope about respect for human life that started with abortion rights? And, get this……. Tom Daschle, (yes, he who could not remember to pay his taxes) is sponsoring this foolishness and trying to hide it in the stimulus bill. But did anyone mention this in the press conference tonight? No……..

So, as I mentioned, my mind wanders. Believe me, it has a mind of its own. I just try to keep up with it. Blah………. Blech…….

To God be the glory…….


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