I Can Only Take Being Lazy So Long

Just thinking……

I’m in a forced laziness.

Not that I’m against being lazy. I’ve been know to have a lazy bone or two in the past. And I’m well aware of the benefits of rest.

But I’m under orders to take it easy, rest, recline, don’t lift, don’t do housework, don’t climb stairs…… Wonderful. I can sit around with my bon bons and grow fat and sassy. And I am finding this forced exile difficult.

Doctor’s orders after the cardiac cath were to lay around. I chaffed at that, but decided that if it kept me from bleeding to death, then I would do it. But even while laying around, my mind is busily ticking, and I start to get antsy.

I see that dust bunny by the bathroom, and that dead bug under the table. I know the kitchen needs cleaned. But orders are orders, and I can’t even vacuum. So I stare at it and make plans.

I’m normally a super busy person. I keep a 2500 sq. foot house clean. I garden. I exercise at Curves everyday. I do volunteer work. I work at church. I hold a part time job, teaching 3 classes a semester. I read, I scrapbook, I cook. I find time for friends and family. I really don’t have time to just sit around and stare at the dust.

Not being able to cook is a downer. Fortunately, before the emergency, I had a big pot of soup made and in the fridge. But then it turned out that it was too heavy for me lift! I’m not in danger of starving, but cheerios and coffee don’t quite do it for every meal. The Hubs fixes TV dinners when he’s here……. blah…… I’m grateful that we had them, but my cooking is definitely better!

So I’m itching to get back in to action again. I’m wanting to be up and busy and checking things off my to-do list. Hmmmm…….. wonder if this is what got me into trouble in the first place?

Dear Lord, what are You teaching me? I don’t want to have to repeat this class, so I’d best learn it right the first time.

To God be the glory……

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