De-Cluttering the Soul

Just thinking…..

I read internet threads and magazine articles about de-cluttering, and find them very inspiring. It’s helped me to take a good look at what is around me and to realize that I have simply become used to it, and don’t really see it anymore. I love reading about how people find more peace in their homes after de-cluttering and simplifying their homes. This has helped me realize the materialism in my life, and helped me set some priorities.

Then I started to think of de-cluttering in a different way: de-cluttering the soul. Like my house, my life and heart and soul get buried under things that detract from the beauty within. I become used to those distractions and that clutter and don’t even see it anymore. I don’t even realize that it is choking out the simple life that I crave, and the peace that I desire.


Out with unforgiveness. I don’t want to carry around old scores anymore. Life is too short to clutter up with memories of how so and so said this and that, and wouldn’t apologize, blah, blah, blah…….

Fling the selfishness, of thinking that the world needs to rotate around me and my schedule, me and my wants.

Bury the junk, those snide thoughts and little dirty dusty words that junk up what should be clean.

Give away my love and passion to those in need of it. I have lots more to use!

Move the “stuff” away from the mirror. I don’t want to magnify the materialism, but rather be able to look into the mirror with a clean conscience. I want to see myself as I really am.

Trash the worry. I don’t need that litter all over my life. I’ll keep the concern, but trash the worry.

Box up the anger and discontent. Seal it tightly and toss it in the garbage. That’s all it is: garbage.

Sort through the noise. Find and save the peace of silence and quietness. Throw away the clanging TV, radio, ipod, stereo….. or use them judiciously with carefully selected pieces. Savor the sounds of nature: the wind, the birds, the rain. Delve into my thoughts and don’t be afraid to listen to my own thoughts. Too much noise clogs my energy channels.

Frustration? Out! I need to realize what I am capable of doing and do it to the best of my ability. And what I am not capable of, I’ll leave to others. I don’t need to try to be everything and then be frustrated because I can’t do it.

Bitterness? Out! Throw that poison deep deep deep into the trash bin. It squeezes my soul dry and is toxic to the mind. And I need to be sure to find the root of the bitterness and toss it as well.

I need to drop off all my comparisons at the comparison recycle center. Too many times I compare myself with so and so and how she is skinnier than me, or richer than me, or smarter than me, or….

I need to recycle these thoughts into an image of me as God intends me to be.

I found a pile of stubbornness stacked in the corner. I had sort of forgotten about it, and how I had refused to carry it out and dump it. Just do it; just dump it. And I know that once I start carrying out the stubbornness, I’ll find a pile of excuses tucked under them. To the dump with excuses!

And in another corner was my procrastination. It had been waiting there a long long while, just using up space. Dump it; do it NOW!

Ahhhhh….. It’s better already. With all the clutter gone, I can focus on who God created me to be. I can seek His will without the distractions that took over my mind.

Be not conformed to the junk, but be transformed by the renewing and de-cluttering of the mind and soul. Create in me a clean heart, O Lord.

Do you need to de-clutter the soul? What else shall we get rid of?

To God be the glory…..

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