I Have Papers to Grade…

Just thinking….

My students handed in papers on Thursday. Not only that, but I had the audacity to give an essay test that same night. Now I have two sets of papers to grade. And I’ve just begun.

Yes, I let 3 days go by and didn’t touch the papers. I just

I was tired, had to cook, laundry to do, phone rang, checked email, went to church, had company over…….. get the drift? I found lots of other things to do. Meanwhile the papers sat right where I put them. Waiting…. waiting….

I remember the first year I was a teacher. I had about 190 students and not nearly enough training to know how to handle grades, grading, and the paper load. Think of 190 research papers where I was expected to grade for content, organization, accuracy in footnotes and references, mechanics, and so forth. And before the paper even came in, I had 190 outlines, 190 rough drafts, 190 sets of note cards…. I was overwhelmed. I had stacks of papers on the floor of my bitty little apartment. While trying to grade those research papers, other papers and tests kept coming in.

Finally, I threw them away. Honest. I knew I would never get through the papers. Some were so old that the students had quit asking about them. And I determined that the next year would be better. Somehow I would find a way to muddle through all the papers.

Well, I ended up teaching for 36 years. That was a lot of papers. Now that I’m retired, I only teach 2 classes a week. I have a total of 15 students. And I’m sitting here right now typing and thinking about how I need to grade those papers. Hmmm……. maybe I need to edit this post. Maybe I need to clean the bathroom?

To God be the glory……

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