I Have the Itch to Travel

Just thinking…..

Wanderlust is tugging at me. I want to pack a suitcase and a cooler, jump in the truck with a map and cash, and take off to explore.

But it’s January, and the Hubs and I have part time jobs…….. So no traveling yet.

I love to travel. The Hubs and I take a vacation every year. Sometimes it is in our own state and just for a few days. Sometimes it is a few weeks. Sometimes we strike out on our own, and other times we sign up for tours, cruises, etc. Sometimes we go abroad or sometimes to far states. We just enjoy the trip!

Our trips are not filled with glitzy destinations or amusement parks. We opt for historical and educational sites (duh….. we are both retired teachers……). So we seek out homes of authors and presidents, and graves of the same, and museums and factories and natural wonders. We’ve hunkered down at Vicksburg and looked out over the battleground from the same perspective as a soldier, and we saw the bed where Lincoln died. We’ve waded in the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve watched the grey ocean crawl as we flew to Hawaii, Korea, Japan. We’ve gone to church in little backwoods buildings, and worshipped in huge city cathedrals. We’ve stopped for by-the-road picnics after hitting a farmer’s market, and we have dined sparingly in 4 star establishments. We wander thru Branson, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Juneau. We pick up rocks and sand, putting them in baggies and we take pictures, pictures, pictures. We’ve flown, hit the rails, taken a steam ship and ocean liner, and driven the asphalt. We’ve stayed in strange Oriental hotels, crummy motels, and nice average family facilities. I’ve not yet stayed in a bed and breakfast. And we’ve been to every state except Oregon and Maine. That’s on my to-do list before I die.

Both of us grew up in families that traveled a lot and traveled on the cheap. So our wanderlust comes naturally. If the price of gas stays down, we’ll load up this summer and take off for Tennessee. We have friends there (that was a number one rule of my family: plan the trip to stay with friends and family! LOL!), and want to wander around the mountains.

My feet are itching, but I’ll just have to scratch for a while.

To God be the glory…….

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