If Love Was A Rose……..

Just thinking……….

“If love was a rose, my love for you, Sweet Heart, would be a rose garden– a new fresh bloom each day, all year long.”

Imagine. The Hubs woke up early to go to work, as usual. And as usual, I snuggle into the warm indent he left and snooze a little longer. Then I stretch as I wake up, slowly arise and go into the bathroom. And I found a note on the mirror, written in blue marker. You just read it above.

I’m not much of a human when I wake up. I’m slow, groggy, sometimes grouchy. The Hubs jumps out of bed all perky and chatty and ready to meet the day. On the other hand, I’m ready to meet the afternoon, but alas, it’s morning. So that little note did its job in waking me up and making me smile.

This is not the first note the Hubs has left me. He began doing this years ago, sometimes on the bathroom mirror, sometimes on the bedroom mirror, sometimes with little bits of note paper. The paper I have saved; the mirror notes get wiped off. But they are not wiped off my mind. What a husband! How he loves me!

After all these years, I celebrate a love that is still as fresh and exciting as when we began over 3 decades ago. He still finds those little surprising moments to express his feelings, and does so many little things to show his love in action. Just an example: he’s retired. But he still gets up each morning and goes to work. Some mornings he only works an hour, sometimes a couple of hours. He wants to take care of me, and bring in a little extra, and I love him so much for that. And now…….. another note! Thank you, Father, for giving me this love on earth.

To God be the glory……

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