Inauguration Day Musings

Just thinking………

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama. I don’t believe in his leftist ideas. His choices of association scare me a little.

Nevertheless, he is now my President, and today was an historic day for not only our country, but the world. Because he is my President, I will respect him as leader and I will pray for him. But I want to ponder the significance of this day.

I had observed that the opening and closing prayers didn’t seem to be prayers at all, but rather a speech to a human audience. In my mind, prayer is communication with God, and both men who prayed seemed to be preening just to the audience. I felt that Warren came closer to prayer than did the last minister. I was rather dismayed to hear his flippant words about mellow yellow and white get it right, etc.

When I mentioned my thoughts to another woman, she said, “Funny. I was thinking that Warren’s prayer was not as good because he was more exclusive while praying to God and mentioning Jesus. I thought the last guy was more inclusive, and that’s what the day was all about.”

Well, we obviously did not agree on the nature, purpose and audience of prayer. But my observation went beyond that. We had a major disagreement, but I did not threaten her. I did not burn her home, desecrate her ancestor’s graves, smash her mailbox. I didn’t steal her children or bomb her husband’s car. We simply disagreed. And then we continued our relationship!

That incident reminded me of the peaceful transition of power today. Just as my acquaintance and I had very differing views of prayer, so does the outgoing and the incoming administration have very differing views about the values and goals of the nation. Yet there was a respect and peaceful changing of the guard.

I am so blessed to live in this nation. I can’t imagine living in a country with coups, counter-coups, dictatorships, and all the up and down uncertainties of an unstable regime.

So…….. I didn’t vote for Obama. But I really really want him to be successful in leading our nation. Father in Heaven, protect him and his family, and work in his mind and soul and heart a great miracle. Amen.

And another smaller note: My grandkids announced that they watched the inauguration at school on TV. The 8 year old was all bubbly about it, even though she didn’t understand most of what she saw. But the 5 year old kindergartener simply announced, “Yep. I saw Joe Obama.” Gotta love it!

To God be the glory…….

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  1. i can honestly say i’m looking forward to the next eight years…

  2. The beauty of living in the US is that we can be opposites, we can disagree, and it’s still peaceful. I have a lot of reservations about the next FOUR years (lol!) as I tend to be pretty conservative socially and fiscally. Here’s hoping we both continue to live the good life in the United States.

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