A Touch of Spring

Just thinking…..

The sun is bright this morning. And although a little frost is still on the ground along the north facing slopes, the day is shaping up to have a little warmth to it. Yes sir, we’ll get all the way to 45 degrees today!!! How good is that!!

I grew up in Iowa. I didn’t know any better. Winter meant blizzards, huge drifts, blowing snow, layers of ice, school closings, below zero temps, frozen water pipes, frozen stock tanks for the cows, ice skating whether intentional or not…… It took me several years to realize that much of the USA didn’t live this way, and that parts of the USA had it even worse.

At 18, I left Iowa and moved south…….. to Missouri to go to school. And then I moved further south, still in Missouri, to start teaching. I still remember teaching a literature class about Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” and asking them to write about a blizzard they had been in. They looked at me with blank faces. Finally one student said he had never been in a blizzard. I was shocked. Didn’t everybody have blizzards? That’s when I found out that weather was milder here. Not a huge difference, but a wonderful difference. Spring came earlier, snowfall was less, and average temps were higher. I was in the tropics!!!!!!

A change of seasons is important to me. I don’t want to live where it is summer all year round. I love the crispness of the fall, and the pristine wonderland of winter. I love watching for the first faint green creeping thru the underbrush in the spring, and the lush gardens of summer. But there comes a certain time during each season when I begin to long for the next season. We just finished some deep-freeze temps here, and the relatively balmy 45 for today just whets my appetite for spring.

Unfortunately, after today, it starts downhill again. Nevertheless, I will enjoy this day and give praise for it. It’s my little oasis in the winter.

To God be the glory……

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