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Today is ProLife Sunday. I have not always been prolife. Until I was in my mid 20s, I naively thought that it didn’t matter. It was a way to get rid of a mistake.

I was a young teacher, and a student named Karen showed me the truth about abortion. Karen gave an informative speech about abortion. Because it was informative and not persuasive, she carefully did not preach. She was required to use a visual aid for the speech, so she had photos of aborted babies, and of various stages of development in the womb. She calmly presented the development of the child, and discussed the various ways the child could be aborted. I was horrified. My mind had so sanitized the procedure that I had been ignorant of the truth. Karen changed my mind with that one speech, and from that day on, I have been prolife.

Later, I taught in a Catholic school where prolife attitudes were norm. Yet that did not stop the teens from having sex and having babies and having abortions. It was like there was a disconnect, and that normal teen attitude of “It can’t happen to me” reigned. My heart ached for them as they were thrust into a world of bad choices which compounded more bad choices.

One day we were told that we were having an assembly, and that all the students were to file into the gym for the presentation. A woman got up to speak. She introduced herself as someone who owned an abortion clinic, and proceeded to tell us how she operated it. She said her main motive was to make money. She could not make money if teens did not have sex, or had sex with birth control. So she offered them birth control, but made sure that it was flawed. That insured that she would have clientele, and often have repeat clientele. Yet that still was not enough money. So she began to market the dead babies. She produced a catalog of baby parts and sold them to research facilities, and manufacturers of various items, such as shampoo with collegen, etc. It was sickening. Some girls ran out of the room, and vomited in the bathroom. Her point was brutal about a brutal truth: abortion kills.

So why did she tell these gruesome facts? She told us how she had become a born again Christian and how she realized that she could not undo anything that she had done, but that she could start over and fight against abortion. And that was why she traveled from school to to school to present the truth. Her presentation made me even more adamantly prolife.

Today our pastor preached from 1 Kings. David’s evil older son was setting himself up as king. David wanted Solomon to be king, and counter acted the older son. Then the people had to decide who to follow: the evil older son, or Solomon. The pastor said this was similar to choices we have to make today. Do we follow the true king, Jesus, or do we follow the evil want-to-be king, Satan? Jesus offers a kingdom of life and Satan offers a kingdom of death. Those sucked in by the abortion hype have chosen the kingdom of death. But Jesus continues to offer forgiveness and restoration, even for those who chose death. He continues to offer the kingdom of life.

I know people who have had abortions. I do not hate them; I feel for them. At one of the most vulnerable times of their lives, they chose the wrong path, and it can’t be undone. But there is still hope. Those who say they are prolife and yet go about bombing abortion clinics do not understand that hope. Those who condemn abortion and yet will not reach out to help the mother do not understand that hope. Lord, forgive us all.

To God be the glory…..

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  1. […] Why?¬†As the chaotic Right to Life month is coming to an end, I found myself wondering how I became pro-life. Of course Mrs. Arens has all taught us numberous amounts of time about the atrocity but even with her preaching over and over the ultimate question is up to you. It’s your choice to say if you are pro-life or pro-choice. It’s actually a very complex answer either way you say it. I often find myself thinking about this topic more and more. I can truthfully say I am pro-life and that’s that. […]

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