Reflections on a Saturday

Just thinking……

It’s Saturday. When I was teaching full time, Saturday was special. I could sleep late, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, clean house, enjoy puttering in the kitchen while baking and simmering a pot of stew. I would work on catching up my grading, and get next week’s lessons planned.

Then I retired. And I wondered what role Saturday would play in my new life. Would I still look forward to it as a special day, or would every day be Saturday?

I’m a year and a half into retirement, and have found that Saturdays are a blend for me now. Part of that is because I still teach a couple of classes. So I still have grading and lessons to do. But I now have time to work on this during the week. I still like to putter around the house on Saturdays. Today I am baking bread, doing laundry, and messing around with the computer. The Hubs is home on Saturday, so we enjoy a nice breakfast time together. (He teaches an early morning class each weekday, so we don’t eat together then.) Saturdays are a bit more leisurely for me now.

Sundays have always been the Lord’s day in our house, but I used to use Sunday afternoons for grading. I don’t have to do that anymore, and that nice sense of relaxation is here for Saturday, too.

So…… it’s Saturday. Think I’ll have another cup of coffee, check on the laundry, and get that bread started.

To God be the glory………

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