It’s a Work Day

Just thinking……..

I’m retired…. sort of. I used to be a full time teacher, and I just loved it. I taught high school kids and enjoyed them so much. It was a tough decision to retire and not be around their energy and vision. So I retired in May 2007 and went into withdrawal. I had been going to school every fall since I was 5 years old, and to not get my lunch box and crayons ready that fall was difficult.

I found a job teaching on-line from home. I enjoyed it, also, but it grew into a much larger job than I wanted, and the corporate structure was not well run. So I bid farewell to that.

Now I am a part time university instructor. I did this same job at night when I was teaching high school full time, and how I could ever do it all really surprises me as I look back. I am teaching the maximum amount of classes that the university allows a part-timer to teach. This is just perfect. I have most of my days and evenings free to enjoy retirement activities, but I go in on one morning and one night to teach a class. Perfect! I can stay in touch with the classes in between times via computer. So except for one morning, I can still sleep late, putter around the house, have coffee with friends, persue my scrapbooking and writing, chat with my family, enjoy a real breakfast and lunch……… life is good.

And the pay isn’t bad, either. Of course, I have to put in more time at home making up the syllabus and worksheets and grading. But that really doesn’t take too much time. It helps to pay the health insurance, if you know what I mean!

So today will be a work day. In this current economic climate, I just give praise to God for furnishing this wonderful part time job that lets me still do what I enjoy, pays well, has a great schedule………. Yeah, life is VERY good.

To God be the glory……

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