But I’m Healthy………. aren’t I?

Just thinking……….

I feel good. I mean…… REALLY good! I worked out at the gym today, taught my morning class, had baked chicken and green salad for supper…… Doesn’t that sound HEALTHY? I’m not overweight; well, amend that to not much overweight, have lots of energy, take my vitamins. I’m healthy!

But a week ago, I had crushing chest pain that radiated through the chest into the mid-back. It was excruciating. The Hubs rubbed my back, but that did no good. I took a half bottle of Tums, just hoping that a good BURP would do the trick. Natch. This pain laid me low, made me nauseated, and lasted 7 hours. Seven hours of my life just down the drain. I couldn’t do anything except lean over and groan. The Hubs wanted to take me to the emergency room, but I thought, “I’ll look like a fool when the ER doc says, ‘You’ve got gas.'”

The next night, it struck again. But this time it only lasted an hour. And Wednesday night, I braced for the return of the pain, but there was nothing. Nevertheless, I followed the commands of family and friends, and made a doctor’s appointment. Today was the earliest I could get in.

The doc thumped me all over, pronounced my blood pressure as very good, and determined that I had either had a mild heart attack or a gall bladder attack. What!!!!!!!!! Remember me? The healthy one? This stuff happens to fat people who sit around doing no more physical exertion than eating. I should be exempt. But the bottom line is that I go to the hospital Wednesday morning for a series of tests. Unbelievable.

The doc chewed me out for not going to ER when this first began; the Hubs did the same, as did my friends. But I tell you what: I don’t like to spend money on the ER if I don’t have to. I don’t go to doctors unless I’m broken or bleeding (usually). And I don’t want to look like a hysterical middle aged woman who just thinks she’s having a heart attack!

I have a former friend who always thought she was dying. She spent her life either making doctor appointments, driving to doctor appointments, sitting in the waiting room, faking it in the office, or moaning in the ER. I don’t think there was anything wrong with her except in the head. I don’t want to be lumped into the same category as this woman.

I just wish someone would send me some jokes and one-liners about heart attacks. Laughter is such good medicine. Not sure I can laugh my way out of this, but I’m willing to try

So anyway……… I feel great today, thank you very much. I have a goal to live to 100; only 40 more to go! So I’ve got to stay healthy!

To God be the glory…….


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