Bread and Soup Tomorrow!

Just Thinking…...

It’s going to be a cold and snowy January day tomorrow: just right for making some homemade bread and a pot of soup.  Now……  what kind?

I’m leaning towards some oatmeal bread with walnuts in it. Then cut thick slices and toast it in the oven.  Have some sweet butter and a little jam with it.  How’s that sound?

And soup.  Right now I’m thinking beef vegetable, with lots of tender beef chunks in the crock pot, driving me crazy with the simmering  savory smell wafting through the kitchen.  I can chop up some carrot, celery, potato, onion, add a little tomato paste………  oh my, I can taste it already.

So that’s the plan.  Unless I change it, which I am highly capable of doing!  What comes to your mind  about soup and bread on a frigid winter day ?  Crusty french bread?  Whole wheat?  Spicy chili?  Chicken noodle with rich broth and thick chewy dumplings?  Creamy asparagus soup?

And I bought some oranges yesterday.  How about some crisp cold orange wedges with that soup and bread?  What do you think?  Come on over for lunch!

To God be the glory……….


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